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Cover Magic UV Protectant & Water Repellant
Cover Magic UV Protectant & Water Repellant

Cover Magic UV Protectant & Water Repellant

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DD26 Fishing Cover Magic helps maintain color, resists water and extends the life of your cover with UV protection!  8 Fluid Oz Bottle.  Simply apply every 3-6 months as needed.


  1. Apply in well ventilated area.  Combustible Liquid.  Keep away from heat and open flames.
  2. Make sure the fabric is clean and completely dry before applying.  Remove dust and dirt by cleaning and brushing cover thoroughly.
  3. Best applied in warm weather.  It can be applied by spray/mist, brush, sponge or roller.  Apply evenly avoiding run off.  Fabric needs to be wetted out evenly, but do not over-saturate.  Protect areas not intended for treatment from spray or run-off.  Use approved spray applicator to achieve best results.  Clean applicator with water after use.
  4. Allow treated fabric to dry for 48-72 hours.  Best results occur when treated fabric is exposed to hot sun for 24-48 hours to fully dry and cure.  While drying, do not fold it up, cover or expose to moisture, rain, dew or dirt.

Cover Magic can also be used on vinyl, acrylic, plastic, upholstered fabrics, awnings, boat tops, tents or anywhere moisture protection is needed.  (Test on small area of items first)

Warning:  Contains petroleum distillate.  Use with adequate ventilation and avoid breathing vapor, mist, dust or fumes.  Avoid eye exposure and frequent or prolonged contact with skin.  Wash hands thoroughly after use.  Store in cool dray place with adequate ventilation and away from oxidizing agents.  Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames and any other sources of ignition until dry.  Keep away from children and pets.

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