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DD26 Fishing Motor Totes and Hydraulic Steering Locks and More Bass Boat Accessories! Quality and Performance done with Integrity! 480-849-7757
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DD26 Fishing welcomes SPOOL STIX to the family!

Spool Stix

DD26 Fishing is happy to announce the acquisition of Spool Stix. Spool Stix has become a staple over the years for anglers that need a quick, functional and small tool that allows them to spool their reels on the water and off the water.

When Professional Angler Mark Rose introduced the product and partners, a vision for what the future could look like for Spool Stix under the DD26 umbrella quickly took shape.

What we first saw was a well thought out and extremely useful hand crafted product.   As we continued to have conversations with Mr. Morgan, we began to visualize how we could take an already great product and utilize the production capabilities, quality and customization options that the DD26 Fishing products thrive on.  It became very apparent that Spool Stix was something that we wanted to take on only if we could add significant value on what Mark and his Dad had already created.  When you are entertaining acquiring a small family owned business, you are filled with a sense of obligation.  You aren't just buying a company or a product, you're taking on a responsibility to make their hard work, creativity, blood sweat and tears a success.  

With the new generation of Spool Stix that will be launching in December 2020, we are confident we will make Mark and his Dad proud, while producing a product that our customers will love.  When you add the idea for a full line of Spool Stix products in the future, the excitement puts us over the edge.   DD26 will be releasing a whole new look and feel Spool Stix with the same great functionality in December.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Mark Morgan from Spool Stix was kind enough to give you all some history on the evolution of the company below:

Spool Stix was an idea that came to me after fishing a BFL super tournament. I needed to spool up 6 rods in the parking lot of a hotel. I had tried dropping my line inside bucket the spool just twisted around, wedged it in a locker it still twisted . Tried a pencil in between my feet it just over ran. I had done these same  frustrating techniques a million times but that night would be my last. I went home got online and searched for a product that fit my needs, I couldn’t find anything.  I wanted something that I did not have store, look for, didn’t have to rig up, and had no adjusting. Just simple, efficient, and effective. Nothing was out there. So I put a design on paper and asked my dad if he thought we could build it. So we began with the first versions. We both spent a few  months adjusting the design to make it as simple as possible. I did not want a “bulky contraption”. We finally came up with a design that that functioned exactly how we envisioned. Initially we just built it for personal use, but then a few friends asked me to build them one. I then decided to take it to a tackle show and see if it would do any good. I sold everyone I took with me.  I knew then I had something that fisherman appreciated. The sales have grown in small increments over time but I knew I could not take the product to the next level without some help.  I was later introduced to Dave Davis of  DD26 Fishing. After talking to with Dave and seeing his quality of work on his other products I thought he may be the person to do it. Then after hearing the vision he had for Spool Stix I knew I had met the person and company to take Spool Stix to the next level.  I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. 



Here's a video of the original Spool Stix in action: https://youtu.be/mKIzaU95vxQ

Here is a video of the NEW Spool Stix in action: https://youtu.be/2d_Rw767sa8


Spool Stix line winding systemSpool Stix Line Winding System

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