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Palaniuk Brings Home a Big Win!

Bassmaster Elite Series BMP Fishing Brandon Palaniuk DD26 Billet Blinker DD26 Fishing Mean Mount

Many of you have seen Brandon's videos on our DD26 Mean Mount, Mean Stops and New Billet Blinker Trim Handles.   Hats off to Brandon on his most recent accomplishment.

For those of you that have followed DD26 Fishing, you know that DD26's founder was previously a partner of Rigid Industries and also Crossed Industries.  When introduced to Brandon in 2012, there was an instant synergy of enthusiasm and creativity with Brandon.  The guy simply cares more about the fishing community and the sport than he does about what's in it for him.  That recipe has paid huge dividends for one of the games best anglers.  If you're a young angler or trying to work your way up the ladder in this sport, Brandon is a great example and story of "how" to do it.   The spotlight didn't find him, he found it through dedication, determination and a full understanding of how the business side of the sport works.   That's usually the hard part for many and he makes it look easy because he's real.  It's not a money grab, it's not all about him and it's not about partnering with companies he doesn't believe in.  It's about a vision of what he thinks he can do for the sport and the companies he aligns himself with.  

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